Senhor PRUDÊNCIO label is 100% Portuguese. The brand personifies the traditional Portuguese shoemaker from the 50’s — where shoe production is synonymous with quality and artistry. 
Senhor PRUDÊNCIO shoes and accessories are designed for men for whom style is a lifestyle.
TURBINE, is the flagship collection for Spring Summer 2013. It establishes the brand’s values andacts as a “manifesto” for the brand and future collections and projects.

Inspired by the relationship between man, body and machine. TURBINE reflects the 70’s muscle cars — machines developed for high performance, with aggressive lines and the technology savvy generation. The futuristic poetry of Álvaro de Campos, a Fernando Pessoa heteronym, reinforces this
collection by inspiring the unison of man and machine in the use of polished natural leathers   —  a central part of the composition and graphic patterns giving the notion of movement.
Senhor PRUDÊNCIO products include:
DRIVERS —  a sports line of car-shoes — made in goat leather for increased comfort.
PORTO   —  a summer line for a groomed but relaxed look.
MUSCLE —  for a social atmosphere and ANTÓNIO —  a formal line.

To celebrate the launch  senhor PRUDÊNCIO has customized a DRY DRILL bicycle —  the TURBINE senhor PRUDÊNCIO X DRY DRILL bicycle, complementing the brands products, man and lifestyle.


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3 comentários:

Unknown disse...

Estoy maravillado por la bicicleta, me podrias decir por favor la marca del manillar y la cinta de manillar.

Una de las mejores bicicletas que he visto.

DryDrill disse...

Hola, Eduardo
Gracias por tus palavras.
El manillar es de Leader, ref. Keirin Bar, la cinta es de san marco, ref. nastro manubrio pelle marrone c/tappi.

Unknown disse...

sabes donde se pueden comprar? En españa es dificil encontrar tanto el manillar como la cinta del manillar.

Puedes ayudarme?

Muchas gracias

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